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OP Skins partnership WAX partnered up with Splitgate to bring you EXCLUSIVE WAX skins from weapons, gear and an emblem [1].


  • Q: What is WAX?
    • A: WAX (WAX Trade Express) is OP Skins partner to trade digital skins.
  • Q: How do you acquire these skins?
    • A: This set could have been gotten by a giveaway link on (you earn a random bundle through the giveaway) or based on OP Skins, one bundle set is priced at $20.
  • Q: Bundles have different skins?
    • A: Yes.


Weapon skins:

Name Image Bundle Name Rarity
WAX (Doom) - Assault Rifle WAX Assault Rifle.png WAX 2 Epic
WAX (Lily) - Battle Rifle WAX Battle Rifle.png WAX 4 Epic
WAX (Tundra) - Plasma Rifle WAX Plasma Rifle.png WAX 5 Epic
WAX (Shredded) - SMG WAX SMG.png WAX 3 Epic
WAX (Shredded) - Shotgun WAX Shotgun.png WAX 3 Epic
WAX (Lily) - Sniper WAX Sniper.jpg WAX 4 Epic
WAX (Doom) - Pistol WAX Pistol.png WAX 2 Epic
WAX (Tundra) - Rail Gun WAX Rail Gun.png WAX 5 Epic
WAX (Tundra) - Rocket Launcher WAX Rocket Launcher.png WAX 5 Epic

Gear skins:

Name Image Bundle Name Rarity
WAX Helmet (Old Bones - Shredded) - - -
WAX Chest (Old Bones - Shredded) - - -
WAX Legs (Old Bones - Shredded) - - -

Misc skins:

Name Image Bundle Name Rarity
WAX - Emblem WAX Emblem.png WAX 1 Common