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Jump to: navigation, search partnered up with Splitgate to bring you EXCLUSIVE TFuel gun skins [1].

FAQ[edit | edit source]

  • Q: What is TFuel?
    • A: Theta Fuel (TFuel) is online currency.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Weapon skins:

Name Image Rarity
TFuel - Assault Rifle TFuel Assault Rifle.png Rare
TFuel - Battle Rifle TFuel Battle Rifle.png Rare
TFuel - Plasma Rifle TFuel Plasma Rifle.png Rare
TFuel - SMG TFuel SMG.png Rare
TFuel - Shotgun TFuel Shotgun.png Rare
TFuel - Sniper TFuel Sniper.png Rare
TFuel - Pistol TFuel Pistol.png Rare
TFuel - Rail Gun TFuel Rail Gun.png Rare
TFuel - Rocket Launcher TFuel Rocket Launcher.png Rare

Misc skins:

Name Image Rarity
Sliver.TV - Emblem Sliver.TV Emblem.png Common
Sliver.TV White - Emblem Sliver.TV White Emblem.png Common
TFuel - Emblem TFuel Emblem.png Common

References[edit | edit source]