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SAW Packs

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SAW Packs (formally Swag Packs) are cosmetic only items in Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Summary[edit | edit source]

For more information about the microtransactions, head to the FAQ.

How can SAW Packs be unlocked?

  • You earn SAW Packs by increasing your progression level.
    • Levels 1 - 25: One SAW Packs every level.
    • Levels 25 - 75: One SAW Packs every odd level.
    • Levels 75 - 100: One SAW Packs every five levels.
  • You can purchase Disco Balls, Splitgate’s in-game currency, and redeem Disco Balls for SAW Packs.

How can skins be unlocked?

  • Skins can unlocked via challenges like Call of Duty.
  • Skins can be unlocked through lootboxes like Overwatch.

Gallery[edit | edit source]