Plasma Rifle

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Plasma Rifle
Plasma Rifle.jpg
Firing Rate:
0.11 sec
Projectile Speed:
100 m/s
Spawn Time:
90 secs
Body Damage
Headshot Damage

Plasma Rifle

Note: Statistics pulled from (Official Dev Spreadsheet)

The Plasma Rifle is a Plasma weapon that falls within the rifle category in Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Plasma Rifle is a futuristic-looking fully-automatic rifle-like weapon which (as its name suggests) shoots balls of super-heated plasma instead of conventional rounds. Instead of being limited by a set magazine size, the Plasma Rifle instead has an meter which tracks the weapon's heat level. Continued firing quickly fills this meter, which results in an animation where the player's character opens the core of the weapon to vent the excess heat. This animation cannot be cancelled and renders the weapon inoperable while the animation plays out. In order to not have to frequently sit through the long animation, it recommended that users either tap-fire or fire the weapon in controlled bursts to keep the heat level of the weapon as low as possible.

The other distinguishing factor of the Plasma Rifle is that is one of only two weapons (along with the Rocket Launcher) in the game to fire projectiles instead of hitscan rounds. Although these projectiles travel relatively quickly, it is still recommended to lead your shots in order to take advantage of this weapon's below-average TTK. Because its projectile nature, this weapon is often extremely effective in narrow corridors (such as on Atlantis) where opponents have less opportunity to evade the shots, and less effective in the open.

Update history[edit | edit source]

Beta Version 0.1.2
  • SMG and Plasma Rifle spawn time increased from 75 seconds to 90 seconds.

Beta Version


  • Increased rate of fire of Plasma Rifle (change size of ball to start smaller).


  • Added UI to HUD for Plasma Rifle Overheat/Charge time.
  • Added ability to swap Rail Gun and Plasma Rifle for another one with more ammo.


  • Reduced Damage of Plasma Rifle and Increased Time Between Shots.


  • Increased Plasma Rifle projectile size, decreased projectile speed.


  • Decreased Plasma Rifle projectile speed.


  • Increased Plasma Rifle projectile speed.


  • New Plasma Rifle - Plasma Rifle is ready for fragging, you can find it on some maps.

Skins[edit | edit source]