Founders Pack

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Founders Pack.jpg

The Founders Pack, priced at $20 are for fans to support Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Digital items:

  • Founder's Edition EXCLUSIVE Armor Set: Dweller
    • This set (head, chest, legs) is the ONLY launch-EXCLUSIVE armor set. The Dweller set is best described as: "If aliens were gladiators and gladiators were from the future."
  • Four Additional Dweller Skins
    • Atlantis - Legendary
      • Description: Alternates colors over time.
    • Camo - Legendary
      • Description: camo that moves on the armor as the user is wearing it.
    • Blaze - Epic
      • Description: Bronze, Battle-worn armor.
    • Default - Common
      • Description: - Blue.
  • 5 Swag Packs
  • Exclusive gun skin for every weapon.
    • Full - Epic
  • Two Founder emblems that are exclusive to the founders pack.

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