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The following are the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Game[edit | edit source]

Q: Do you have any plans to come to console?

 A: We are currently focusing on our PC release. However, we do want to come to console in the future.

Q: Is there a competitive ranking system?

 A: Yes, Splitgate returns to the classic and intuitive 1-50 ranking system based purely on wins and losses. Every player starts at rank 1. You rank up faster on lower levels and it gets progressively harder to rank up as you reach higher levels. You have a separate rank for Team Skirmish and Free for All.

Q: What is the difference between my competitive rank and my progression level?

 A: Your competitive ranks (one for Team Skirmish and one for FFA) are based on wins and losses in the “Ranked” playlists. Your progression level increases based on various accomplishments, such as kills, assists, and wins. It will never decrease. Progression experience can be earned in any game mode except for custom games. You unlock Swag Packs via progression level.

Q: Does Splitgate support controllers on PC?

 A: Yes. Splitgate partially supports controller play. The main menu and settings menu must be maneuvered with a mouse and keyboard; however, you can use a controller for gameplay. Xbox controllers will work automatically. You will have to download and install the DS4 Windows application to use a PS4 controller. For Astro controllers, you will need to download the C40 TR Configuration Software.

Microtransactions[edit | edit source]

Q: What are SAW Packs?

 A: SAW Packs are packs of cosmetic only items available in Splitgate. You earn SAW Packs by increasing your progression level. Each SAW Pack comes with three cosmetic items unless you roll an item you already own.
 * Levels 1-25: One SAW Pack every level.
 * Levels 25-75: One SAW Pack every odd level.
 * Levels 75-100: One SAW Pack every five levels. 

Q: Can I purchase SAW Packs?

 A: Yes. You can purchase Disco Balls, Splitgate’s in-game currency, and redeem Disco Balls for SAW Packs.

Q: What are the rarity tiers and what are my chances of getting at least one in each pack?

 A: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary
 * Chances for at least one per pack:
 ** Rare or better – 90%
 ** Epic or better – 24%
 ** Legendary – 7%