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The following are the default control bindings for Splitgate: Arena Warfare:

PC Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Primary Secondary Gamepad
Forward W Up Gamepad Left Thumbstick Y-Axis
Backwards S Down None
Strafe Left A Left None
Strafe Right D Right Gamepad Left Thumbstick X-Axis
Sprint Left Shift None Gamepad Left Thumbstick Button
Jump Space Bar None Gamepad Face Button Bottom
Crouch C Left Ctrl Gamepad Face Button Right
Fire Left Mouse Button None Gamepad Right Trigger
Reload R None Gamepad Face Button Left
Melee V None Gamepad Right Thumbstick Button
Grenade G None Gamepad D-pad Down
Zoom Right Mouse Button None Gamepad Left Trigger
Action F None Gamepad Face Button Left
Inspect I None Gamepad D-pad Up
Shoot Left Portal Q None Gamepad Left Shoulder
Shoot Right Portal E None Gamepad Right Shoulder
Close Left Portal Z None Gamepad D-pad Left
Close Right Portal X None Gamepad D-Pad Right
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Up None Gamepad Face Button Top
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Down None None
Primary Weapon 1 None None
Secondary Weapon 2 None None
Pause Escape None Gamepad Special Right
Scoreboard Tab None Gamepad Special Left
Text Chat Enter None None
Hide/Show UI H None None
Push To Talk (Default/Team) T None None
Push To Talk (Proximity) Y None None

Spectator Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Primary Secondary Gamepad
Move Up E None Gamepad Left Shoulder
Move Down Q None Gamepad Right Shoulder
Focus Player 1 F1 None None
Focus Player 2 F2 None None
Focus Player 3 F3 None None
Focus Player 4 F4 None None
Focus Player 5 F5 None None
Focus Player 6 F6 None None
Focus Player 7 F7 None None
Focus Player 8 F8 None None