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1.0.7[edit | edit source]

Released - June 17th, 2019

Update Size - ~ 156.9 MB

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

  • CTF: Made it so that you can’t capture the flag unless your flag is at base
  • CTF: Decreased Score Limit from 5 to 3
  • CTF: Improvements to UI indicator for where to return the flag
  • CTF: Flag Melee is one shot kill
  • CTF: Fix to multiple scenarios where flags wouldn’t capture correctly
  • Oddball: Oddball Melee is one shot kill
  • Hill Lighting Improvements

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with Easy bots that would cause them to not move properly sometimes

Online[edit | edit source]

  • Added Waiting Area to Ranked Matchmaking where you spawn in a free for all game until you find a suitable match
  • Fixed a bug in matchmaker causing queue times to be longer than they should have been
  • Party Invites will now ping players through steam if they are offline
  • Improved team balancing in matchmaking algorithm

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Improved Friends List UI to making it easier to find friends who are in game
  • Fix to wrong text being displayed for 50 killstreak

Spectator[edit | edit source]

  • Improvements to spectator UI/UX
  • Made scoreboard static positioned, based on teams, instead of switching based on who you are viewing
  • Fixed bugs with characters not animating through walls if they were far away
  • Fixed bugs when spawning as freecam at the beginning of a match
  • Enemy outlines are now shown through walls to make spectating easier

Sound=[edit | edit source]