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0.12.0[edit | edit source]

Released - November 24th, 2018

New Stuff[edit | edit source]

  • Inspect Animations - Press I to inspect your weapon!
  • Sprint Crosshair - When sprinting, an upside down v will appear instead of an empty crosshair.
  • Verticality Support for Radar - Arrow pointing up/down depending on if enemy is above/below you.
  • Updated Reticles.
  • New Pickup UI - F to Equip Weapon looks a lot better now!
  • Pickup radius increased and now you pick up weapon that is closest to what you are aiming at (only applicable when there are multiple pickups in one area).
  • Own name in kill feed is now yellow.
  • Drop both guns when die.
  • Drop EMP Grenades when die and can now pick up grenades by walking over them.
  • Team Indicators on Scoreboard so that you know what team your on (your own team’s score is outlined in your team color).
  • Auto-reload when out of ammo.
  • Improved Controller Sensitivity.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issues causing melee hits not to register.
  • Fixed issue where game would open on the left-most monitor. Will now open on primary monitor.
  • Fixed issue where unplugging headphones caused game to crash.
  • Fixed issue causing server crash.
  • Fixed issue where pickups still appeared when they were disabled.
  • Fixed bug where Battle Rifle ammo could go negative.
  • Fixed issue where couldn’t spawn portal while crouching.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Balancing[edit | edit source]